The San Bruno Mothers Club was founded in 1991 and now has a membership of close to 100 families. The club is a small community, sharing common interests and goals. It is a 100% volunteer run organization.

“By setting common goals and helping each other achieve them, we create an entity that wasn’t there before; a possession that everybody owns a little piece of. It belongs to us and we belong to the whole. With our children in common, we share a sense of belonging.”
– Katie Williams Hoepke

A sense of community caring and sharing is the heart of our club.


There are many amazing benefits to joining the mother’s club

  • Our monthly newsletter – “SBMC Buzz” – is full of events – both SBMC-sponsored and community events, articles to help you survive and thrive as a father or mother, helpful family resources, member profiles, and more.
  • Speaker Events – learn from professional and renowned speakers, participate in discussions, and meet up with club friends.
  • Sub clubs – share common interests such as playgroups, reading, scrapbooking/crafting, hiking and healthy eating. Share your successes, air your frustrations, and learn from others in a safe and comfortable atmosphere.
  • Forums – offers almost instant communication and answers to your questions from parents who have been there and done that.
  • Online community – get great information about upcoming events, RSVP and get directions, as well as access resources such as preschool and playground/park directories, and more.
  • Fun events – New Member Socials, Member’s Night Out, Summer Family Picnic, Halloween Party, Spring Fling, Children’s Outings, Winter Party, Annual Camping Trip and more!
  • More, More, More! In A Pinch meal delivery for our moms in need, and an opportunity to give back to your community.


Most of the Bay Area Mothers Clubs were originally started by a wonderful and dynamic woman named Katie Williams Hoepke. Katie was first introduced to the concept of a Mothers Club when she read a notice about joining a playgroup which was part of the Huntington Beach Mothers Club. At the time, her daughter was 18 months old, she was pregnant with her second and she was living in a new city 3000 miles from home, family and friends. She was feeling alone and miserable and she counts finding the Mothers Club as one of her blessings in life.

In the Mothers Club, Katie found support, as well as choices and opportunities. Per Katie, “It provided alternatives to her solitude, challenges for her energy, and avenues for her talent and opened doors for her parenting education.” Two years later, Katie was moving again, this time to New Jersey. Egad, there was no Mothers Club here! She and a woman she met in the playground decided to start their own club and a month later 25 women had their first club meeting.

board members
As our luck would have it, Katie once again ended up moving, this time to Northern California. Her children were now of school age but she still felt that the Mothers Club was important concept and should be expanded and shared. She wrote a book, ‘Mothers Club, Nurturing the Nurturers’, and started forming Mothers Clubs by offering a class through local Park and Recreation Departments. The moms who took these classes became the ‘founding members’ of the individual Mothers Clubs which are now operating in many of the Bay Area cities. Our hats are off to Katie for spreading the wonderfully supportive concept of the Mothers Club.