How do I join your club?

1. Sign up online using Big Tent. Join Now!

2. Email moc.b1516508102ulcsr1516508102ehtom1516508102onurb1516508102nas@o1516508102fni1516508102 with any questions.

How much are the annual dues?

Annual dues for the SBMC are $38 and you will receive monthly newsletters online.

What are the benefits of membership?

  • Our monthly newsletter – “SBMC Buzz” – is full of events – both SBMC-sponsored and community events, articles to help you survive and thrive as a father or mother, helpful family resources, member profiles, and more.
  • Playgroups – age specific and all-ages playgroups. Everyone has fun at playgroup!
  • Speaker Events – learn from professional and renowned speakers, participate in discussions, and meet up with club friends.
  • Sub clubs – share common interests such as playgroups, crafting, reading, scrapbooking, movies, hiking and healthy eating. Share your successes, air your frustrations, and learn from others in a safe and comfortable atmosphere.
  • Forums – offers almost instant communication and answers to your questions from parents who have been there and done that.
  • Online community – get great information about upcoming events, RSVP and get directions, as well as access resources such as preschool and playground/park directories, and more.
  • Fun events – New Member and Coffee Socials, Member’s Night Out, Summer Family Picnic, Halloween Party, Spring Fling, Children’s Outings, Winter Party, Annual Camping Trip and more!
  • More, More, More! In A Pinch meal delivery for our moms in need, opportunities to participate in and give back to your community.

If I only attend one type of function (i.e. join a playgroup), do I need to be a member of the club?

Yes, you do need to be a member to participate in any of our activities since all of our fun-filled activities require some work behind the scenes to make them happen.

Are working moms allowed to join the Club?

Absolutely! Working moms will benefit greatly from the Club! The only thing a working mom may not be able to participate in is a weekday playgroup. All the other benefits of membership occur on weekends and evenings! And don’t forget about the benefits of the online community (closed Facebook group, forums, classifieds, etc).

Do you have a San Bruno residency requirement?

No. We only suggest members live in San Bruno or surrounding communities. Most of our activities center in the San Bruno area.

My kids are older. Is it ok if I join?

The San Bruno Mothers Club does not have an age limit requirement; however, most of our members have children under the age of six. The majority of our events and activities cater to children ages 5 and under.

What does the membership fee cover? Where do the funds go?

The membership fee covers our speaker events, children events and parties.

Can I attend an event to see if I’d like to join?

Please do! Just send an email to *protected email* and a club member will be in contact with you to discuss upcoming events and available playgroups.

I haven’t given birth yet. Should I wait to join until after I give birth?

We think it’s great that you are already looking into mothers clubs! There are several benefits to joining while you’re still pregnant:

  • you may not have time to make contacts right after your baby is born
  • you can find out the best equipment before you put it on your baby registry
  • you can get great advice from people who have gone through what you’re currently experiencing
  • you can borrow books from our Lending Library while you still have time to read
  • we have a “marketplace” where members get rid of their old baby stuff, giving you a chance to get stuff for less than what you’d pay brand new or sometimes for free
  • you can make new, supportive friends who understand
  • you deserve a Moms Night Out. It’ll be awhile before your next one!
  •  you can attend a playgroup to see what it’s like

How much does it cost to attend a SBMC party?

It doesn’t cost a thing! Your annual dues help pay for SBMC events.

Can I bring a family member or friend to a SBMC event?

The more the merrier! Please RSVP on Big Tent and let us know how many are coming.



Once I send in my New Member Form and check and/or register online, when do I start receiving the newsletter?

With our new website we are able to post newsletters online. So, you will now have access to newsletters immediately! How exciting! View our current and past newsletters now!

How do I advertise in the newsletter?

Another member advantage is access to free classified advertising for such things as childcare requests or the availability of a baby item for sale (like a car seat). The newsletter also accepts advertising from outside sources. Contact *protected email* for more information or see the Advertising section of our website.

Can I submit an article to the newsletter?

Yes, our newsletter editor is always looking for members who are interested in contributing content.



What is a playgroup?

Playgroups are designed for similarly-aged children and their parents/caregivers. Playgroups decide how often they want to meet, which is usually once a week at parks or member’s homes.

My baby is too little to play. Why should I join a playgroup?

Playgroups give you an opportunity to meet other parents with children the same age as your own, allowing you to develop a small support network within our large club. And, you will enjoy watching your child’s first friendships develop over time. The playgroups provide the opportunity to make long-term friendships with other families.

How do I join a playgroup?

After you become a SBMC member, you can join online or contact the playgroup coordinator. She will get you in contact with the appropriate playgroup leader based on the age of your child. Contact *protected email* to see all the playgroups available.

How long does playgroup last?

The length of time can vary depending on location and age of the children. Typically a playgroup lasts about 1 – 2 hours.
If you have a question not found here, please contact *protected email*