The San Bruno Mothers Club offers many activities and events for mothers and their families.

Moms Night Out

Here’s your opportunity to take a break from the family and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow mothers. Moms Nights Out are held monthly and include events such as dinners, movie nights, and slumber parties.

Playgroups and Children’s Outings

Our playgroups meet regularly and sometimes on the spur of the moment! We have groups for ages 0-4 and have met in just about every park and coffee shop in the area as well as in members’ homes. Playgroups can be found on BigTent and are listed in the Club’s monthly newsletter.

Children’s outings are held once a month, on both weekdays and weekends throughout the year. Destinations include local attractions and are often seasonal in nature.


In-A-Pinch is a member volunteer network that operates at times when an extra pair of hands is needed- following the arrival of a new baby, an illness or death in the family, surgery, or experiences that disrupt a family’s daily routine. The SBMC In-A-Pinch group steps in to organize Club assistance for the family in need. This can include transportation, babysitting, grocery shopping and meals. The In-A-Pinch coordinator will arrange for other members to assist. In-A-Pinch defines what the San Bruno Mothers Club is all about: charity, goodwill, compassion, friendly and assistance to others. For more information, please contact the In-A-Pinch coordinator. IAP volunteers have their names put in the IAP Raffle for each service they provide. Prize drawings are held twice a year, at the Summer Picnic and Holiday Party.


The San Bruno Mothers Club likes to party! We traditionally have eight parties a year: the Spring Fling, quarterly New Member Welcome, Summer Picnic, Halloween Party and Winter Holiday Party.

Spring Fling

Yearly potluck and an egg hunt for the kids.

The New Member Welcome

The New Member Welcome is held four times per year.  Invitations are sent to all new members who have joined in the past three months.  All Club members are invited, and it is a great way to meet the board and other club members.

The Winter Holiday Party

The Winter Holiday Party is held  in January. We provide games and activities for all kids, and it’s a great time for our club families to get together for some fun.

Speaker Events

Speaker events are an opportunity to learn about family, health and local issues as well as public education and other matters. Some past and recurring topics include  Nutrition, Discipline, Women’s Self-Defense, Photographing your kids, Wills, Trusts and Guardianships and Daycare Options. If you have any suggestions for future topics or speakers, please contact our Vice President.


Every Summer, the Club goes camping at a nearby KOA campground.

Community Outreach

The Club believes in the importance of making our community a better place for our families. Some activities have included Toys for Tots drives, AYSO Soccer Team sponsorships, Concerts in the Park sponsorships, blood drives, walk-a-thons, preschool information nights, food drives, the annual Posy Parade and Goblin Grotto. We are also a member of the San Bruno Chamber of Commerce.

Sub Clubs

Book Club

The Book Club meets several times annually to discuss the current novel and select the next. It is a wonderful opportunity to discuss books you love and are disappointed when a good one ends. This sub-club is also great for moms who love to read but need a deadline to stay motivated to finish.

Craft Club

The Craft Club meets monthly. This is a great chance for moms to get away and catch up on scrap-booking, or for a place to work on your projects without the kids. Crafters of all skill levels are welcome!

Family Fit Club

The Family Fit is designed to get us out there! We have so many great hiking trails right in our backyard! Most of our walks are spur of the moment, or planned on short notice.